Jelena Juresa is a visual artist born in Yugoslavia who lives and works in Belgium. She has been extensively working with the questions of cultural identity, gender, politics of memory and oblivion through the media of photography, video and text. Being an artist who works with history and with archives, Juresa investigates the notion of truth on the verge of representation.

In her work, she relates individual stories and questions of identity to collective processes of oblivion and remembrance. She unceasingly questions historical and political narratives and tries to destabilise our ideas of what is true.

How do we look – individually and collectively – at our own past? How are these processes captured in images? How do these processes and images relate to actual events? And finally, which kinds of tension and meaning can exist between historical reality and its constructed memory?

Jureša’s work is inherently political as it does not merely question our way of looking, but also criticises representation itself. Neither didactic nor moralistic, her work aims to challenge the spectator to always rethink and redefine her or his position.

“It is possible that the following idea lies at the heart of her artistic creed: while exploring the lost and regained identity of the Other, we are searching for and testing our own” [1].

Contact: juresa.jelena(at)gmail(dot)com

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